New Events & Promotions Feature for Google Business Profile

New Feature for Google Business Profile
Google's launching a new feature for Google Business Profile! Take a look to stay ahead.

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New Events and Promotions Feature for Google My Business

Google is trialling a new function for local searches on mobiles, called “Nearby Events and Deals.”

This feature presents a search box that spotlights offers and events from nearby shops by showing posts from their Google Business Profiles (GBP).

It aims to assist local shops in boosting their visibility and potentially increasing sales by encouraging them to keep their GBP content up to date and well-managed.

The feature displays the promotions in four panels, each with the shop name, a promotional image, and a review rating.

Tapping on a panel reveals more about the offer.

However, this function isn’t available on Google Maps yet, and it’s quite competitive as there’s no way to see more than the first four promotions.

Positioned below several other sections on the search results page, this feature underlines the need for shops to make the most of their GBP for the best visibility.

[Information by Search Engine Land]


Stay ahead of the Local SEO game with the new Google Business Profile events and promotion feature. It looks like this feature will be extremely competitive, but absolutely worth it for small businesses that manage to clinch a spot in the 4 tiles.

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