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What are Citations & Web Directories?

Local citations are listings that feature your business’s name, address, phone number (NAP) and are spread throughout the internet.

Citations help your business build authority, consistency and boost your online presence.

By maintaining precise and widespread online details, you’re easing the way for potential customers to locate you, and simultaneously, you’re bolstering your presence and reputation on platforms like Google.

Why Citations Matter?

Citations are a big yes when it comes to getting your business noticed online, especially local service businesses keen to gain visibility on Google through their Google Business Profile.

Think of them as the bread and butter of your online presence, making sure your business info is accurate and everywhere it needs to be to maximise your visibility.

This kind of consistency doesn’t just help you rank better on search engines; it also ramps up your visibility and pulls in more leads, and for just a one-off fee of £199, citations are part of the foundation of every Local SEO campaign we do.

Build Authority

Having your business featured on respected sites enhances its legitimacy.

Creating citations is a powerful way to differentiate your business. However, if your competitors are also leveraging citations, they become essential for maintaining a competitive edge.


Search engines trust businesses more when their information is consistent across the web, improving your rankings in search results.

And consumers do, too.

62% of consumers disregard businesses if they can’t find them online.

Boost Online Presence

Citations serve as vital signals to search engines, elevating your service business in local search results.

The increased online presence from these listings directly translates to more exposure and opportunities for customer engagement.

Citations vs Links?

While both are critical for SEO, citations focus on showcasing your business’s basic information across various platforms, improving local search rankings.

Links, on the other hand, are clickable connections back to your website from other sites, boosting both local and organic search rankings.

Whilst citations set up the foundations, links build your websites authority.

Popular Citation Directories

We list businesses on both popular and niche specific directories.

Here’s 5 of our favourite listings:

Google Maps Directions

We help your service business dominate local search

Services that help your service business


Get found on Google for your keywords with our Local SEO services.

Reputation Management

Reviews are a service businesses best friend. Our strategies are designed to create a continual stream of positive reviews.

Link Building

Increase your websites authority with our link building services.

Google Business Profile Management

Regular optimisation and maintenance, helping your business dominate the local map pack.

Digital PR

News to share, but on a small budget? Our Digital PR services are designed for local service businesses.

Why chose everyday digital as your SEO company?

Why Everyday Digital?


Everyday Digital is built on transparency. There are so many businesses out there that have been burnt by SEOs promising the world. That’s why Everyday Digital believe in clear communication, no fluff, no jargon – just honest, regular insights and updates.

We win, when you win.

More than just an SEO company

SEO is a long term investment for your business. It’s only right we are just as invested in your success as you are. Your goals become our targets. We want to see your business grow.

We’re not just another SEO company, we’re partners.

On the front foot

The SEO industry is rapidly changing. With Googles new updates against AI-generated spam, their incorporation of AI into search, and the ongoing competition in SEO, we stay proactive, testing new strategies on our demo websites to keep ahead.

Google Maps Number 1 Rank Results

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Frequently Asked questions

Citations are online references to your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). They play a crucial role in local SEO by helping improve your business’s visibility on search engines.

For service-based businesses, accurate citations across various platforms can lead to higher rankings in search results, making it easier for potential customers to find your services.

Google uses citations as one of the factors to determine the legitimacy and relevance of your business.

The consistency and accuracy of your NAP information across various citations can positively influence your search rankings.

For service-based businesses, this means that well-managed citations can lead to better visibility in local search queries.

General web directories list businesses from a broad spectrum of industries, while niche-specific directories focus on a particular sector or industry.

For service-based businesses, being listed in niche-specific directories can be more beneficial as it places your business in front of a targeted audience actively searching for the services you offer.

Yes, citations can lead to more business leads by improving your online presence and making your service more discoverable to potential customers.

Accurate and widespread citations increase the chances of your business being found by individuals searching for the services you provide.

It’s essential to update your citations whenever there’s a change in your business’s NAP information.

We recommend updating citations when moving address, updating business name or phone number.

Keeping your citations accurate and consistent ensures that potential customers always have the right information to reach you, which is vital for maintaining and improving your online reputation and search rankings.

It depends on the directory’s visibility, reputation, and the specific audience it attracts.

Paid listings can be beneficial if they significantly increase your business’s exposure to potential customers.

However, we personally find paid listings not to be worth the investment.


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