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Strengthen Your Online Reputation with Digital PR

Our Digital PR services, combined with Local SEO optimisation, focus on amplifying your brand’s story across hundreds of news websites.

By strategically positioning your content and enhancing your online presence, we make your business more visible and trustworthy to your local audience.

Let us boost your online reputation by connecting your story with those who matter most—your customers, your partners, your network.

Content Your Competition Envy

Not just another social media post

Social media can be boring. The same graphics, the same old message.

Digital PR is different. It stands out. It captures attention. It shares a story that people want to read more about.

Whilst your competition is sharing the same graphics, our Digital PR services share stories, accomplishments, growth.

You’ll get content that sparks conversations, not just views.

This approach not only boosts your brand’s presence but also leaves your competitors wishing they were in your shoes.

Tell Your Story and Grow Your Reputation

Why We Offer Digital PR?

It’s uncommon for a Local SEO company to offer Digital PR. In fact, none of our competitors do.

Digital PR is often expensive. Very expensive, actually.

But Digital PR doesn’t have to be a large publicity stunt….

Everyday Digital believe that Digital PR is an additional avenue to building your business reputation online.

We optimise Digital PR for to enhance Local SEO efforts.

Elevate Your Brand

Share the news that matters. We build a trail of Digital PR that’s optimised for Local SEO.

Building Trust

Having articles shared on popular websites can establish your brand within the local community.

Not only that, but Digital PR is one thing that competitors don’t like to see…

Improve Online Presence

We use Digital PR as a tool to maximise your Local SEO campaigns.

With our network, we can distribute your PR to hundreds of websites.

tell your story - share your achievements - build your brand

Services to combine with Digital PR


Get found on Google for your keywords with our Local SEO services.

Reputation Management

Reviews are a service businesses best friend. Our strategies are designed to create a continual stream of positive reviews.

Link Building

Increase your websites authority with link building services.

Google Business Profile Management

Regular optimisation and maintenance, helping your business dominate the local map pack.

Citations & Web Directories

Build consistency online by spreading your business name, number and address to reputable directories.

Why chose everyday digital as your SEO company?

Why Everyday Digital?


Everyday Digital is built on transparency. There are so many businesses out there that have been burnt by SEOs promising the world. That’s why Everyday Digital believe in clear communication, no fluff, no jargon – just honest, regular insights and updates.

We win, when you win.

More than just an SEO company

SEO is a long term investment for your business. It’s only right we are just as invested in your success as you are. Your goals become our targets. We want to see your business grow.

We’re not just another SEO company, we’re partners.

On the front foot

The SEO industry is rapidly changing. With Googles new updates against AI-generated spam, their incorporation of AI into search, and the ongoing competition in SEO, we stay proactive, testing new strategies on our demo websites to keep ahead.

Google Maps Number 1 Rank Results

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Frequently Asked questions

Digital PR is a strategic approach that uses online media and influencer relationships to boost your brand’s reputation and visibility. It not only strengthens your brand image but also contributes to Local SEO benefits by increasing your online presence, ensuring your business is more discoverable by local customers.


Our Digital PR services are tailored to our Local SEO services. Share your story for an affordable price, optimised as part of our SEO campaigns.

Digital PR enhances Local SEO by generating high-quality backlinks from reputable websites and social media mentions, which are key factors in search engine rankings. This increased online visibility makes your business more prominent in local search results, driving more traffic to your website.

Absolutely. Digital PR is vital for managing and improving your online reputation. By promoting positive stories and engaging content about your brand, it helps overshadow negative reviews or comments.

Digital PR also allows you to establish a strong brand voice and presence, shaping public perception positively.

Digital PR campaigns use Press Releases.

The content is strategically designed to highlight your brand’s strengths and values, making it appealing for local publications and employees to share.

Success in Digital PR is measured through several metrics, such as increases in website traffic, improved search engine rankings, higher engagement rates on social media, and the quantity and quality of backlinks.

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