No More Google Business Chat Feature

No More Google Chat Feature
Learn how Google's chat feature discontinuation in Business Profiles will impact your business and explore alternative communication solutions. Stay informed about key dates and changes!

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The Google Chat option in Google Business Profile is a feature that allows businesses to engage in real-time text-based communication with their customers directly through their business listing on Google Search and Google Maps.

This feature enables businesses to answer customer enquiries, provide support, and offer information quickly and conveniently. However, Google have annouced today (28/05/2024), that this feature will be discontinued starting July 15, with complete functionality ending on July 31.

Key Dates:

  • July 15: No new chat conversations can be initiated.
  • July 31: Complete end of chat functionality.


Businesses can download chat histories using Google Takeout.

Why are Google removing the chat function from Google Business Profiles?

Google’s email announcement statement basically states that the closure of this feature is down to Google streamlining their tools.

We’re surprised at the change, but we’re also sure there will be a far better communication channel coming in the future, too.

Working with clients from hospitality to mobile tyres, the Google chat feature on the Google Business Profile is often used when asking questions or booking appointments.

Google have suggested to find other ways to communicate with customers.

As always, and not just with SEO, we recommend to diversify the platforms local businesses use to connect with customers. 

Calum Edwards

I’m Calum, Owner of Everyday Digital.

I write about Local SEO, Google Business Profile and how businesses can get found on Google to increase their leads.

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